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“ I was hesitant at first, but now am so glad we moved forward. Our kitchen is amazing."

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Kitchen Remodeling Evansville IN

We are happy to have you here looking into Kitchen Remodeling Evansville IN! You will gain all the information and drive to get started.

We will inform you about every cabinet, countertop, and flooring option you have. We will let you know the differences in lighting, backsplash, sink, and faucet options. Give us a call to discuss the details of the kitchen renovation cost.

evansville kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling Evansville IN

During every Evansville kitchen remodeling project, we treat each home as our own. We are satisfied with our job when you are satisfied with the job we have done. You are our top priority.

It is our goal for our work to be high quality and satisfactory. We work to create peace of mind for our clients. We strive for them to know their house is done in a safe and complete way.

We make sure that we do every kitchen installation correctly so you do not have to worry about fixing things or leaks later on. Our happy clients and their reviews say a lot about Kitchen Remodeling Evansville IN. You can feel secure in your choice of kitchen design Evansville IN.

Our kitchen designers Evansville IN provide you with the best kitchen design. We work for both function and appeal on every kitchen renovation. Your remodeling contractor will be professional and trustworthy.

We put a large emphasis on being a team that is honest and loyal to every client. We do a great job of giving fair and reliable pricing. We do not change it once we give you a bid.

You can count on our Evansville kitchen remodeling contractors to get the job done completely. You will not have to worry about the job getting only partially done.

Why Choose Us?

Our kitchen remodeling contractor Evansville IN knows that you invest your whole heart and soul into your home. You raise your children there and create memories that last a lifetime. Because of that our company:

  • Works hard to find you a kitchen design that you love and want to install
  • Gives you the best experience to add to your pile of positive memories in your home
  • Makes sure you are completely satisfied with the job we have done

We are a very honest company and expect the same from our clients. If you are not satisfied with the work we have done we expect that you will let us know so that we can make it right. We do not want to leave a job until our clients are happy.

Your kitchen renovation Evansville IN will change the way that you look at your home. Our clients love the way that a new kitchen creates a welcoming, inviting, and clean look and feel to their home.

It has been many years that we have built on our knowledge and experience. We are experts in the kitchen remodeling field of construction. We have the experience that gives our clients the confidence to trust us with their homes.

Call our contractors today. They will get you on the right track to start your kitchen renovation. You can be sure that they will take care of you and your home.

What To Expect?

When choosing a contractor and company to work with you want one that uses quality material. That is what we do. We get material that will make your kitchen look incredible. It will be durable so that you are not needing to replace things in the years to come.

We offer free consultations to go over what you would like to see done in your kitchen. Would you like walls torn down? Would you like everything gutted and remodeled, or would you just like new countertops and backsplash?

There are many things to discuss and we will discuss them all. The cost will vary much depending on what projects you would like to have done in your kitchen. We make sure to tell you the cost in detail so that you understand where all your money is being put.

We will then have steps that we take to remodel. It may look something like this:

  1. Demo any material in your kitchen you do not want there including current cabinets, countertops, flooring, walls, and more
  2. Frame any new construction for walls or ceiling patching if a wall has been taken out
  3. Get an inspection to make sure it has been installed to meet code
  4. Install the cabinets, countertops, backsplash, lighting
  5. Install the flooring

We will then finish any last touch-ups and finalizations we need to. You will love the outcome.


When it comes to your kitchen remodel we have all of the material options that you need. There are many choices to make. We will ask you questions to help you determine what sink, faucet, lighting, flooring, and more will best work for you. Your lifestyle will also make a difference as to what type of kitchen you would like. We help you choose all of these.


Kitchen Sink And Faucet

Your sink and faucet are two of the tools you use most in your kitchen. You want them to be large so that they can best benefit you.

You can get a farmhouse sink or a single tub sink which will make your sink look very roomy.

You can get any size of sink and we can install it to the right proportions.

It may be nice to have a deeper sink to help with cooking and cleaning. This is an option for you as well.


Kitchen Backsplash

Some backsplash may require more to take care of. It is a wonderful idea to have more backsplash.

This will make your kitchen look bigger and better. The backsplash can tell a lot about your kitchen.

You can add a wonderful design on the backsplash to add a nice flare to your kitchen style and design. Our contractors do a great job at helping you know where to put what.


Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets can add a ton to the visual appeal of your kitchen as well as the function and usefulness of your kitchen.

We can add cabinets to odd places that do not have them right now by doing custom cabinets.

This will give you much more storage space for all the odd appliances you do not use every day. The tall cabinets are a wonderful clean looking place to store anything you use on mainly holidays.


Kitchen Countertops

Countertops can come prefabricated or as a natural rock or stone. The type of material you choose makes a big difference in the type of work you can do on your countertop.

If you have kids we recommend a countertop that will not get stains and can hold up well to cuts.

A granite or quartz counter would be a wonderful option. They are also low maintenance which a lot of our clients like a lot.


Kitchen Flooring

The flooring you choose may take some time to decide. We recommend flooring that is waterproof and durable.

The flooring in our kitchen will get much traffic. There will be spills or other condensation leading to the need for waterproof flooring.

We usually install some type of vinyl, tile, or laminate.


Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting can consist of can lighting, pendant lights, under-cabinet lights, and more.

If you have small kitchens designs you will need less lighting to keep the space well lit.

About Evansville IN

Many people refer to Evansville as the “River City” because of where it is situated on the river. Our city has many cultures here. There are three headquarters for NYSE companies here in Evansville.

The state’s first casino is here, one of the largest zoos in the state, and some incredible parks are all here. There is so much tourism that we get here for the sporting industry. Especially with baseball tourists. There are many schools and Universities in Evansville.

Evansville is a very historical city with other historical cities surrounding it. Some of these cities are:

  • Mount Vernon, IN
  • Boonville, IN
  • Chandler, IN
  • Newburgh, IN
  • Haubstadt, IN
  • Hatfield, IN
  • Elberfeld, IN
  • Poseyville, IN
  • Cynthiana, IN
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a kitchen remodel a good idea?

Yes. A kitchen remodel is always a great idea. It will add value to your house if you want to sell it someday. It will also make living in your home that much more enjoyable. You will love the way that it lights up the entire house by the beauty it has. If you are doing a kitchen upgrade to add to the value of your house you will want to be sure to do your research prior to your remodel. There is such thing as over-improving your home depending on the homes around you and the area that you live in. This may cause you to lose out on money in the long term. Be sure to do your research and you will be very happy with the payback you get.

What is the first step to doing a kitchen remodel?

The first step is going to be finding “remodeling contractors near me”. You may have been looking for a “kitchen remodel near me” which brought you here. That is the perfect first step. You will then want to give us a call and our contractors can come out and consult with you. Together you will draw up a plan and make the corrections that you need to make it perfect. There are so many kitchen remodeling companies out there. You want to make sure you find a reputable one to do your work.

What should I plan on spending the most on for my kitchen remodel?

Cabinets are one thing that we tell our clients to budget the most for in their budget. Especially if they are wanting new cabinets installed. Custom kitchens Evansville IN are going to be more expensive and will give you everything you have ever wanted. If you are going to keep your older cabinets then your countertops will be the next thing you will most likely be spending the most money on.

Can I keep and use my old appliances?

Yes! You are certainly allowed to keep your older appliances. That will save a lot of money on your kitchen remodel cost. If you do not mind your current appliances then this is a great option. It will save you both time and money. During small kitchen renovations, we can actually re-arrange the placement of your appliances. This may change the look of them altogether.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We asked for a lot to get done and it all was all done at a very reasonable price. The bid was exactly what the cost ended up being. We really appreciated the accuracy.

Peggy J.

I would recommend this Kitchen Remodeling Evansville IN company to anyone. They are so great at being punctual. They were so accurate in their work and how soon they got the job done.

Lucas G.

Evansville kitchen remodeling was everything we were hoping for and more. We got everything done we wanted and it looks so great!

Kylie F.

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Kitchen Remodeling Evansville IN is everything that you need. We do a wonderful job at kitchen remodeling. It has been years worth of our kitchen remodeling contractors making a difference in the homes of our community.

Do not wait any longer to have the “kitchen contractors near me” that you found to come and show you your options. There are many choices to make for your countertops, cabinets, flooring, and much more.

Call Kitchen Remodeling Evansville IN to get some amazing kitchen ideas. Our kitchen contractors will give you a free consultation to figure out what you would like to get done and at what cost.

Kitchen Remodeling Evansville

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